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Mobile Spray Tanning in San Francisco and Surrounding Bay Area

Just Hail a Tan!

Mobile Spray Tanning with SFTanTaxi

TanTaxi is the affordable and convenient mobile air brush spray tanning service for the San Francisco Bay Area.

Being born and raised in the Bahamas, my tan and my bronzed glow were definitely missed moving to this great city of San Francisco. I couldn’t take it any longer, I had to bring my glow back so I started SFTanTaxi to bring that glow to others! I started spray tanning 6 years ago (starting SFTanTaxi 5 years ago) and absolutely love making men & women feel more fabulous while protecting their skin.

Last year, I took tanning to a new level and had the honor of being a member of the Pro Spray Tan Team for the Miss America Pageant in Atlantic City and worked to get America’s amazing contestants ready for the stage.

We offer custom airbrush spray tans from the comfort of your home or hotel room. Book a single session spray tan for an immediate glow that will last 5-10 days.


San Francisco
Marin & North Bay
South Bay and surrounding areas